Chofu Heater Wood Fired

Jun 13th

As we are talking about the bath tub first image comes to our mind is Chofu heater. Most of it is common among Japanese. It is a wooden, hand foot tub is small. In Japan bathing is considered the spiritual ritual. These mostly ofuro tubs placed in the spiritual landscape or in the garden while sometimes ofuro tubs can be placed in the room as well.

Homemade Chofu Heater
Homemade Chofu Heater

In Japan, particularly Japanese believe that Chofu heater provides spiritual bloom, natural harmony, and sensual pleasure and also purifies the body. Ofuro has its own mental and spiritual values among the Japanese. This kind of beneficial bath to relax the body and stimulates blood circulation which is good for health too.

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Chofu heater is not like a normal bath. They are deeper and wider than the bath tub normal. Traditionally, Japan Chofu Heater uses the non-electricity. Ofuro containing thick cedar ofuro because the temperature stays hot for a long time from the normal or regular bath. Ofuro soaking tubs of hot water made from Western Red Cedar or upscale traditional wood is pine. The best part of the red cedar is that it is bacterial decay naturally and is renowned for its insulating value. Some other woods such as Ephyra okay and Furo oke is also used for the establishment of a tub.